Ephedrine And Pre Workout

Ephedrine is well-known in the world of weight loss. It is a very common substance or drug that people use to suppress their appetite, which ultimately leads to weight loss. But, how do you know when is the right time to take ephedrine in your daily routine? Do you take it on a full stomach? Is it better to consume before or after a workout? All of these questions will be answered:

When Is The Right Time To Take Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is best when it is taken in between meals. You definitely don’t want to consume ephedrine on an empty stomach or right before a workout. Here’s why:

Ephedrine is known to increase your heart rate, if you consume it before an extensive workout session, your heart rate might skyrocket and this can be a huge problem, if you already have some sort of heart disease or weakness.

On an empty stomach, ephedrine will cause you to become more anxious, alert and jittery. In worse cases, it can lead to a seizure.

Ephedrine must be taken on a full stomach with lots of water, because one of the drawbacks of ephedrine is that it causes major dehydration in the body. This is also why you shouldn’t take ephedrine before a workout session, because you will sweat a lot and this can also cause dehydration, which could be a critical condition, if gone out of hands.

Is It Unsafe?

Ephedrine is banned in a lot of countries. Ephedrine has been found to have many side effects, which makes it unsafe for consumption, unless your medical history is clear. What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t have any sort of heart or brain issue, if you are planning to go on ephedrine, otherwise you are not a suitable candidate.

You should also not have any sort of depression or anxiety beforehand, otherwise ephedrine can elevate the symptoms and effects of anxiety. It also increases your blood pressure, which causes your metabolism to boost.

Other health problems associated with ephedrine include heart attacks, myocardial infarctions, strokes, seizure, diabetes, jitters and tremors. So, if you want to consume ephedrine, then a doctor’s appointment is a must before knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Possible Side Effects Of Ephedrine

There are many side effects of ephedrine which have been discussed above, but what a lot of people don’t tell you is that ephedrine doesn’t suit everyone. This is not some sort of miracle drug that will shed off the extra pounds without leaving a toll on your body and general wellbeing. Ephedrine is a harmful drug, which the body can reject if it doesn’t fit well. You need to listen to your body and make sure you know all of the consequences before jumping right into the commitment of taking ephedrine for weight loss. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work for people and the harmful side effects take a major toll on you.

What Not To Take With Ephedrine

One of the many problems with ephedrine is that it is not inert with other medicines. If you are taking ephedrine, you cannot consume other drugs. Drugs like Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOAI) and antidepressants don’t sit well with ephedrine and it can lead to many adverse reactions in the body. Nausea, psychosis, anxiety, hallucinations, seizures, etc. will be stronger and harder to diminish if you take these drugs with ephedrine.

Other Pre-Workout Supplements

There are so many options which can be considered as a pre-workout supplement. Some are natural while some are actual chemical drugs. These include beetroot extract which is great for strength training and endurance, yohimbine which is great for intense workout sessions and building focus, L-tyrosine which can help to combat fatigue and soreness, L-citrulline which is great for better oxygen absorption by the blood vessels, L-theanine, which is a chemical version of caffeine and helps to fight off jitters and make you feel awake and energetic, beta-aniline which is great to strengthen your endurance to keep you pushing through those final and harder reputations of hardcore intensity, BCCAs which are great for regeneration and healing of muscles, better protein synthesis and for keeping the metabolism high.

There you have it! Ephedrine is a great drug to use for weight loss, but its calculated dosage and timing should be monitored at all times, otherwise things might take a turn for the worse.